Portable Laboratories Refineries and Models

The laboratory refinery is equipped with our automatic temperature management system, a 4" stainless steel distillation column, timed operation and system functions.

The unit includes a 105 gallon stainless steel beer staging tank, and a 30 gallon stainless steel ethanol collection tank. Also includes a closed-loop cooling system and radiator.

The laboratory refinery is ideally suited for colleges, universities, and research facilities for ethanol fuel research, feedstock analysis, biofuel refining techniques, and as an excellent teaching system for students of biofuel technologies.

As a research tool, the Laboratory Ethanol Fuel Refinery provides a robust platform for producing ethanol in a refinery-like approach. The unit can be connected to other systems via its wired or wireless Ethernet adapter, and can be controlled and monitored from PCs, smart phones, and other devices.

For student teaching, the refinery provides an easy-to-learn approach to the processes involved: understand liquid handling refineries, piping, valves, pumps, fermentation, distillation, and overall process without the size or complexities of our larger commercial refineries.

Key Features:

  • Designed for commercial use

  • Stainless Steel tanks
    • 105 gallon beer well tank
    • 30 gallon ethanol collection tank
    • 10 gallon cooling system tank
    • 10 gallon beer recirculation tank
  • Stainless steel pipes, valves, and fittings throughout

  • Stainless Steel 4" distillation column
    • Laser-cut flanges and gaskets
    • Removable copper cooling coils
    • Ceramic raschig rings

  • Stainless steel boiler
    • Easy to replace heating elements
    • Safety pressure relief valve

  • Professional PLC Computer-controlled system
    • Computer-controlled
    • Wired and wireless Ethernet included
    • Digital control system for distillation column temperature management
    • iPhone, iPad, and Android software for remote control and monitoring included
  • Plumbed and valved for external expansion

  • Integrated fire suppression system

  • Stainless steel welded steel frame with heavy duty 5" casters

  • Comprehensive support, maintenance plans, and all parts available

  • 1-year Limited Warranty


  • Electrical Requirements: 220V Single-Phase AC, 60A
  • Dimensions: 32" w x 62" l x 80" h
  • Empty Weight: 700 lbs


  • Ethanol: Up to 48 gallons per day (2 gallons per hour) using external fermentation tanks
  • Expandable with external tanks


Usually ships within 6 weeks. Ships by truck freight.

Available Accessories:

We also offer a wide variety of accessories for the Laboratory Ethanol Fuel Refinery including a self-contained 4-tank fermentation system, cellulose-to-sugar processing equipment, feedstock pre-processing equipment, and custom software and integration services.

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