Stop throwing money down the drain. Many companies processing food (organics) are sending waste water used for processing into the sewer system. The cost for treating this waste water is high and sewer fees are also high. Now we can take the waste water and produce ethanol from this waste stream. Ask us how you can turn the “Trash to Cash”.

Recycling Waste Streams to Bio-Fuels Ethanol Refinery with Cellulose Processor

Texas Microbial Applications, Inc., d/b/a BW Organics, collaborates with the leading innovator, Allard Energy, Inc. for small-to-medium scale bio-fuel production. The refineries are built as modules that can be added to as your waste stream increases from as little as 2 gallons per hour to hundreds of gallons per hour. Refineries can be built to produce millions of gallons of ethanol per year. These refineries compare with systems costing tens of millions of dollars, yet they cost a fraction of competitor’s cost. No noxious odors or toxic waste up a smoke stack.

The single largest cost of recycling waste is transportation. With these pre-assembled modular systems we can bring the system (refinery) to produce ethanol to the waste stream. This system, with its small footprint, can be set up inside a small building or in extra space you may already have.

Our refineries are sized to capture an emerging market opportunity of distributed fuel production, meaning many smaller refineries are spread throughout a region, rather than a single large refinery with the same capacity. We reduce transportation costs.

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