Texas Microbial Applications, Inc. (TMA) is a holding company comprised of several subsidiaries, all associated with the recycling of waste materials and the manufacturing of “in-vessel” composting equipment to recycle animal, human and food waste.

TMA, d/b/a BW Organics, is a 20 year-old company that manufactures “in-vessel” composting equipment with its facility in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The equipment is sold to the dairy industry, meat packing industry, sanitary sewer facilities, and commercial food waste facilities (prisons, schools, military installations, grocery stores and others). This equipment recycles the waste and prevents pollution, reduces green house gases at landfills, and prevents ground and water pollution. These waste materials are converted to economically viable compost, planting soil and other products that studies have shown to increase crop production, while reducing the requirement for water. This process takes only 72 hours to convert waste to compost, is all natural and virtually odorless.

TMA has formed subsidiaries that will contract with food waste haulers who have existing contracts with Walmart. They will open conveniently located regional centers that will take the food waste using BW Organics’ 72-hour “in-vessel” composting equipment and convert the food waste into “Class A” compost. From this they will make other products such as bio-degradable flower pots, pellets to use in wood-burning stoves, potting soil, above-ground gardens and many other items that will be packaged and sold. Our “hauler” partners will participate in these revenues $$$. We will also bring to this partnership hospitals, schools, corporate cafeterias, grocery chains, and other entities that have contacted us to help recycle their waste including meat, vegetables, bread/cake, compostable packaging (both post and pre-consumer). “Anything” bio-degradable can be composted in “72 hours”. The liquid portion of the waste will be made into other products including “Ethanol”. This is all done in an indoor environment within a building. This will create fewer problems with cities that object to the open air composting process.

The compost is used or sold in lieu of chemical fertilizers to greatly increase crop production and at the same time help retain moisture in the soil. It can be used on the land to grow crops in areas not currently useful for farming. The potential market is world-wide. Both the in-vessel composters and the end product has been tested by and recommended by many notable persons on the staffs of prestigious agricultural colleges and universities.

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